Professional product design team
Professional product design team
10 years of production experience
10 years of production experience
Improve customer service system
Improve customer service system

Honde Garden Hardware Equipment Manufacturers

Hebei HONDE Group specializes in the import and export of products around the world. Through 10 years of operation and development, it has become a modern international company. Production of metal mesh products, sold to Russia, Britain, Germany and other countries of the world and customers, by the



Shopping Process Quick Steps

If you browse our product when wire mesh on our metal wire mesh is still relatively satisfied with the initial meet your needs. Please contact our online customer service staff

Stadium fence features are those?

Stadium fence , which is a new protection product designed specifically for the stadium, this product net body height, strong anti-climbing ability. In the field of construction equipment around the column, fence, the biggest feature is the sensitivity of

Stadium fence installation knowledge

When installing the airport fence fence, large and small, are experiencing problems? Well, now you summarize minor problems encountered when installing.

How to ensure the quality of wire mesh?

we have a professional quality control departments, from production to packaging the product will have a detailed inspection report. Ensure product quality can be produced on time, your satisfaction is our greatest recognition. If you have any of the qua

About screen product problems

If your product quality problems arise in the course, I am responsible for the full responsibility. Free for you to replace a new product. If the problem because when you use the negligence, we will try to minimize your losses. In order to achieve win-win