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Stadium fence features are those?

    Stadium fence , which is a new protection product designed specifically for the stadium, this product net body height, strong anti-climbing ability. In the field of construction equipment around the column, fence, the biggest feature is the sensitivity of the product, and can be adjusted at any time in accordance with the requirements of the mesh structure, shape and size.
    1, the stadium fence mesh, Fence streamlined appearance: transparent, beautiful, refined about, fashionable and elegant European style; to be content differences between areas, the differences, the differences in the needs of the population Lai trial.
    2, Tomahawk convergence: hook unique convergence of the method, Tomahawk groove design, the grille without any accessories to the height of the column of wanton converge into the groove, guarantee its consolidated level, with stronger tensile strength and collision avoidance skills, but also demonstrated its perfect anti-theft function.
    3 years Warranty: prior to disposal and plenty of common temperature electrostatic spraying process PVC, plastic layer to ensure the average spread, the appearance and feel more lubrication; after 2000 hours resistance to salt spray test, solemn commitment to the product of 10 years of corrosion guarantee. To self-clean, anti-UV under normal circumstances, no cracks aging, no rust oxidation, maintenance-free!
    4, because the stadium fence can be a variety of combinations of methods: And according to the customer's site requirements differences, there are all kinds of arc, differences in the degree of divergence angle and height of the ladder-type device, the supply of the most fantastic treatment program. With appearance, design a common initiative trackless sliding door and other common use, constitute a perfect reconcile all.