Metal mesh fence plant application

Plant metal mesh fence is determined based on their surface by touch Contacts welder, butt welding head by welding copper connection point, the formation of a cross, a good weld on both sides of the grid, and then use the machine after Convolution their rolling surface treatment, surface treatment colors are silver white, dark green, grass green,
For highways, airports, municipal green space, garden flower beds, units green, green decorative protective harbor.
Simple (1) The product structure has less material, thereby reducing the cost of the project
(2) it is very easy for remote transmission
(3) Due to the completion of the brick as a whole, the effective stiffness is insufficient to overcome the weaknesses of the network, improve the protective properties of concrete parapet wall
(4) installation not affected terrain, especially in hilly areas
(5) high corrosion resistance and long service life
(6) the overall dip treatment, anti-theft bolts.
Main Market: golf / ski fencing development and protection of agricultural land planted area cover road closures

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