5 steps to reduce your restless heart

1, enough sleep drop something: ensure that have enough sleep every day sleep in eight hours a day or so, don’t stay up late at night, and wake up in the morning to get up in time, avoid lazy bed.

2, moderate sports relax: usually can listen to music for a walk, keep quiet state of mind, so, not too emotional, less angry impatience.And, the mood be agitated, bad mood, for a walk or listen to light music and so on is a good way to relieve negative emotions.
3, light diet to raise spirit: summer can eat bitter food appropriately, because bitterness can not only stimulate the taste nerve, increase appetite, but also has the effect of heat-clearing and detoxifying, beneficial to human body health.Almond in the balsam pear as vegetables, fruits and citrus, and the buckwheat food, etc.In addition, the bitter drink, beer, green tea, bitter butyl tea is also a good choice.
4, eat less cold drink more water, hot weather, the moisture loss more, don’t wait until you are thirsty to drink water, a small amount of water many times better.After getting up in the morning every day, at around 10 am and 3 ~ 4 PM, before going to bed at night these four “best time” drinking water to drink 1 ~ 2 cups of water, also should keep hydrated after exercise or bathing.In addition, you can eat more vegetables and fruits, supplement the moisture, and provides the necessary minerals and other nutrients.
5, pay attention to the regimen is: at ordinary times can take part in more meaningful cultural activities, if conditions permit, still can travel, summer heat, etc., make the person find the scenery pleasing to both the already so, can exercise.Pay attention to cultivate good living habits in daily life, gradually adjust his temper, habits and personality, maintain emotional stability.Drain freely, emotional extroversion, presented to the outside world interest in things, is the key to summer preserve one’s health.

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