6 large household items vigilance is higher than their toxic lead paint

As long as the parents of the child have health care, I am afraid it will be fear of lead poisoning third. However, according to US media reported on September 21, in fact, in life, there are many daily necessities, more dangerous than lead paint.
        1, amalgam fillings
        Do not use amalgam fillings (also called mercury fillings) dental for children, or if the child inhalation of mercury vapor, and even swallow it, it could lead to mercury poisoning.
        2, anti-bacterial soap
        Antibacterial soap Antibacterial Why? Because it contains small amounts of toxic substances. It is also harmful to humans, especially children of the developing nervous system is concerned. Therefore, to avoid all declared that “antibacterial” products, the best use of natural soap, let the children play a role in the immune system to kill most bacteria.
        3, sports drinks
        Just because “movement” word, some of the parents will think that this drink is healthy, but also that it can play the role of potassium in. In fact, the chemical sweetener which contains it is harmful. Water is the smarter approach.
        4, non-prescription drugs
        Almost all drugs have some toxicity. Many medicines for children more toxic drugs than adults, because they increase the content of chemical sweeteners and artificial colors.
        5, sunscreen in sunscreens
        Many sunscreen oil sunscreens can cause skin cancer, because they contain a variety of toxic substances. More seriously, sunscreens block the UV rays, the skin does not normally manufacture vitamin D, affect bone growth.
        6, processed milk
        Children less than 10 years old suffering from heart disease, in part because working with them to drink milk related. Because these processes milk, some will contain pesticides and other chemicals.

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