Airport Fence material selection

Airport Fence Material: low carbon steel wire, Al-Mg alloy wire
    Corrosion Disposal: galvanized, hot dip galvanized, PVC coating, PE dip, epoxy resin.
    General from the grassroots level components: the upper, mostly razor wire, Y-square tube column, the use of razor wire spiral. Or pull a few popular barbed wire above.
    Grassroots multilateral welded steel mesh, folding triangle bend, or Crochet mesh, diamond-shaped holes. 2-4 meters in height can be done.
    Weaving and characteristics: for welding from; grid structure concise, easy to transport, rugged terrain without restriction device, especially on the mountain, slope, bending zone highly compliance. The product consolidation and durable, medium-low price, suitable large area.
    Use: protection zone on both sides of the fence for protection, roads and railways, bridges, airports, ports, quays peace protection, municipal established in the park, lawn, zoo, pool lake, road, housing areas of isolation and protection, hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, entertainment occasions protection and decoration.

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