Development origin of the Lantern Festival

I wish you the Lantern Festival:
    All the splendor enveloped you, cheerful melodies are all because of you, all the best wishes to you: Elixir of people long, deep affection Lantern Happy Lantern Festival!!

    Happy happy Lantern Festival, a family reunion Joy, Lantern bowl of fragrant and sweet, happy life more beautiful, lighted lantern riddles, superior wisdom, the answer panoramic view, I wish you a day sweeter than honey, open smile every day, do a carefree living god.

Wire mesh factroy for you to explain the “Lantern Festival” of history:
    Lantern Festival is a traditional Chinese festival, as early as 2000 years ago, there was the Western Han Dynasty, began in the Eastern Han Emperor Ming lanterns during the Lantern Festival, Emperor Ming advocates heard that Buddhist monks have a view of the first month on the 15th Buddha relic, lighting practice to worship on order of the day and night in the palace temple to worship lighting, so the common people are hanging lamp Nobles. Later, the Buddhist ritual folk festival gradually formed a grand festival. The festival experienced by the court to the people, from the Central Plains to the country’s development process.
    In the Han Emperor, I already ordered the fifteenth day of the Lantern Festival set. Han Dynasty, “too much of a god,” the festival set in the fifteenth. (Taichi: dominate all of the God of the universe). When Sima Qian created “in the beginning calendar”, had been identified as the major festivals will Lantern Festival.
Another one said that the custom originated in the Lantern Lotus Lantern Taoist “Three say”; fifteenth day of the Lantern Festival, July 15 for the Hungry Ghost Festival, October 15 for the roadway section. The director, middle and lower triple respectively heaven, earth and man three officers, official day of joy, it must EEP Lantern Festival.
    Folk festival and the Festival of the Lantern Festival activities are extended with the development of history, expanded. On section of the length, the Han Dynasty was a day for three days to the Tang Dynasty, Song is as long as five days, since the Ming Dynasty is the eighth lighting until seventeen month was off lights at night, a full ten days. And Spring phase, the day for the city, bustling night EEP, spectacular. In particular, that delicate, colorful lights, making it more recreational activities during the Spring Festival climax. To the Qing Dynasty, increased dragon and lion dances, solemn ceremony, walking on stilts, dancing and other “acrobatic” content, but festival shortened to four to five days.

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