Environment that can be generated from the heart

A person’s situation is bitter music is often subjective.
    Some content with some kind of life, it was not. Therefore, the current situation can be content with their own wish to live this down, not the effort had to find another way out. You can not say where is successful, it can not be sure when to reach a certain point of their own, will not be happy. Some people are never satisfied, he’s happy just to establish in constant pursuit of the process for being, so he’s constantly goes to the distant goal. Such people may be less happy, but it may be large achievement.
    Joy depends on their own judgment, and the objective environment which does not necessarily have a direct relationship, as a woman does not love jewelry, even in the middle of great importance vanity environment, but also can not hurt her self-esteem. Rolls of the book has a poor scholar, and millionaires do not want diamonds or stock exchange. Meet people living in rural honorary title does not envy any scholar or Gaoguanhoulu.
    Your hobby is your direction, your interest is your capital, your nature is your destiny. Everyone has his own ideal of paradise, which have their own happy to enjoy the fast-paced world.

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