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In order to optimize the structure of coating and improve company quality level of spray process, coating industry association (PCI) from the United States last week, the international well-known powder coating akzo and many technical experts gathered the kay Chemetall s honde wire mesh factory, discuss electrostatic spray surface treatment technology of the product.
    Experts at the meeting that day, the company the first welding, pretreatment, coating production process such as on-site visit, understand the production process.Experts from the United States, Sir Roger spraying industry association confirmed that the company’s quality system, the level of technology and equipment, spraying production line design to a higher rating, production line of technical standards in the forefront of the industry.Technology, quality, production, sales, and relevant experts, head of the workshop site visit and to attend the seminar.
    Expert group and the company officials to the production process, a comprehensive and detailed analysis and discussion, and repeatedly factory operations and validation.Especially spraying Mr Roger is rigorous and pragmatic work style give you a deep impression.Authority in the field of painting, Sir Roger to all Europe and the United States, the concept of advanced technology and years of industry experience, the use of the key factors affecting the quality of coating company in the current process diagnosis in detail, put forward the improvement of science.

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