Fence product introduction

Metal Fence Series –honde factory new building fencing products both functional and decorative, unique art style , simple but not simple , masculine and beautiful echoes , abandoning the traditional wrought iron fence flourish, followed by modern breezy the architectural style, simple mapping out the beauty of fashion ; a row of towering spear , straight handsome, piercing the sky , a degree of relaxation , the rules clear, emotional affinity and can not cross the rational distance. And installation saves time and effort, no rust to worry about , is the preferred environment for the promotion of urban modernization and optimization of human settlements .

Security windows Fence – Traditionally , the basic functions of protective window is theft and to protect the safety , aesthetic requirements of the community now increasing, only designed for anti-theft protection window is difficult to meet the requirements of the times, and the combination of the company’s type protective window products not only meet their basic function , but also reflects the environmental, aesthetic and stylish, with a perfect blend of modern home concept . The product is especially suitable for families, laboratories, financial institutions, corporate warehouses and other important places.

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