Gabion advantages and features

Gabion can be used for slope protection , excavation , rock face of the mountain hanging shotcrete , slope vegetation ( green ) , Railway Protection block Highway isolation , it also made cages , mesh pad for rivers , dams and seawall to protect against erosion and reservoirs, rivers closure with cages.
 1. Control and guide the river and flood disaster is the worst river water to river erosion damage , flooding caused flooding, leading to significant loss of life and property suffered and a lot of soil erosion. Therefore, when dealing with these issues , the application of the eco-grid lattice structure to become one of the best solution , which enables permanent river bank protection.
 2. The construction of the canal bed channels channels , related to slope stability and the riverbed . Therefore, the choice of eco-grid structure , is the main method of years many natural rivers and artificial channels used by excavation . It can be played on the riverbank or riverbed effective permanent protection , he still controls the flow of water and prevent water loss of function , especially in environmental protection and maintaining the water quality , with excellent effect.
3. revetment slope eco-grid applications and river bank protection structure and its slope protection is a very successful model , which give full play to the advantages of eco-grid , and other methods to achieve the desired effect can not be achieved .

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