Galvanized gabion network advantage

The advantage of galvanized gabion mesh environmental protection:
1, has the very good ecological functions, gabion cages the space between is beneficial to the growth of vegetation, need only in gabion cages and soil surface, can form similar to the native state of the natural environment.
2, stone cage net is suitable for various subgrade condition, because the stone cage nets has good flexibility, tensile strength to a certain extent, even the cages variant will not affect the engineering quality.When the ground settling box filler will not scattered, the cages to adjust the whole new balance.
3, relatively low engineering cost, gabion cages as long as it is to take an examination of packing support, only if the filler can resist weathering, has the certain strength, general with stone filling in the majority.
4, gabion cages permeability is very good, gabion cages have a gap between padding, created good conditions for the exchange of water, less so in natural bearing pressure, increased the safety and reliability engineering and so on.

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