Golf flying into the village to because the wind big broken fence

“Golf” flying into the village to because the wind big broken Metal fence mesh

      “Golf” flying into the village to because the wind big broken fence, “listen to” bang “, Mr Zhang’s car’s windshield is behind the golf ball fly out several cracks, luckily didn’t hit people.”On the evening of 10, 2008 20:00, lake-ring road near the day garden district, zhang took a golf ball to reporters about his strange manner.

      When, according to Mr Zhang said he is day garden residential area near a cafe to have a meal, 20:00 PM, hit by golf cars parked on the side of the road, chapped windshield.”Is terrible, if hit passers-by, consequence is unimaginable.”Later, Mr. Zhang has felt some dying.
      While watching the residents have also told reporters that day force golf course near often golf, parked vehicles often hit on the streets, passing pedestrians were injured.A cafe operator boss also set out a pot, filled with golf balls.Li Laoban tells a reporter, these ball flew out from the other side of the stadium.
      Then the reporter comes to day garden district golf day force casino, found that the position of the fence for days garden village, fence netting has now been dilapidated, appeared a lot of loopholes, and lower surface height of the fence, hit the ball, it’s easy to fly out of the double circle guardrail nets play to the community.To this, the reporter interviewed the relevant person in charge of golf day force zhang wei’s manager.He said, on the golf ball flew up in a residential area, he was not aware.

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