High quality steel mesh fence prices

Chain link fence, barbed wire fence can be referred to as: the wire fence netting, chain link fence, warehouse barbed wire fence, etc.It is made of wire rod after drawing into a thin wire, cold wire drawing), then after a large welding machine will wire welding is our common (wire).In connect with a variety of different column.Constitute the beautiful generous, protective performance high chain-link fence.Because of its excellent characteristics, installation simple and widely used in highway, railway, airport, stadium, prison in the areas of protection. 
Note: chain link fence after all kinds of surface treatment, greatly enhance the product performance, service life is longer.Surface treatment mainly adopts ways: galvanized, plastic, plastic spraying anti-corrosion treatment.Make the product has good anti-aging, sun resistance, corrosion resistance, etc.Its product design and color is diversiform, beautiful and easy, according to the deployment of color can agree with the local landscape.Its high safety coefficient, good climbing capacity, connections are made of galvanized mesh anti-theft screw connection, can effectively prevent destructive disassembly, transverse four bending stiffeners, the net surface strength increased significantly. 
Trapezoid column chain link fence material: low carbon steel wireSpecification: the 3-5 mm thick low carbon steel wire welded together.
50 x150mm x200mm 50 mesh mesh do bending processing, namely, achieve beautiful, and can enhance the resistance to impact
Pillar with 5 cm above, there are 8 cm below the trapezoid column, do 135 degree Angle with the top, bottom and 200 x200mm flange welded together.
Products are hot dip galvanized after using high quality polyester powder electrostatic spraying, USES the international popular RAL color. 
Compiling ways: low carbon steel wire welded together. 
Connection mode: the hot dip galvanized clamp buckle mesh, stainless steel anti-theft screw connection. 
Surface treatment: cold galvanized, hot dip galvanized, electrostatic plastic spraying, hot dipping plastic processing.

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