History of the strongest El Nino is now forming in northern China or extreme heat

 Deadly heat wave swept across India, parts of the temperature reached 48 degrees, resulting in more than 1,100 deaths. According to Indian media reports, the main reason is the high temperature lasting rains before the monsoon season starts plummeted. According to the Wall Street knowledge reports, a record may have been the strongest El Nino is forming.

    El Nino refers to a large area of the Pacific equatorial seawater abnormal warming phenomenon. According to Xinhua News Agency reported that the US University of Hawaii Axel Timmerman believe that this is likely to be a “super El Nino”, “The sea water temperature at a very high, it is not only going to arrive and move east sea. “According to Timmerman, the current climate model show that the United States, the strength may be comparable to El Niño 1997-1998 El Nino that round.
    1. In Asia and East Africa, the weather will be unusually hot. Especially India, have suffered extreme weather. The rainy season is crucial for India’s agriculture, India has half the farmland lacks irrigation, the agricultural production accounts for 14% of India’s economy.
    2. In the Americas, the climate will be more humid. Southern and South American precipitation may surge. Currently, the southern United States, Texas and Oklahoma in recent days suffered a rare storms, it has killed at least nine people were killed, and many areas have become “water flooding.”
    3. In West Africa, the weather will be unusually dry.
    The impact of European and British, El Niño events in the not very clear.
    5. In Australia, the rainfall will plummeted. Currently the east coast of Australia has shown some early El Niño phenomenon: less precipitation during the rainy season this year in Queensland, Australia, Victoria fall dry climate.
    6. In China, El Nino will bring rain south, southern flood northern drought leading to the northern region there may be extreme heat.
    7. El Nino may cause chocolate prices soared. The influence of western India, Brazil and Africa, extreme weather, sugar and cocoa will be cut, resulting in chocolate prices.

    8. coffee, rice, soybeans higher costs cut. According to “The New York Times” reported that coffee costs will increase by 107%. Soybeans will increase 36.8 per cent, while rice production will be reduced by 13.7%.

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