honde factory elaborate wire mesh thickness

 Honde is a professional production factory fence mesh series, understanding of the screen can be said that extraordinary, and now to simply talk about the mesh.
    Wire mesh thickness: refers to the appearance of the wire-line vertical spacing next appearance. Mortal revealed by D performance, unit microns. It affects the amount of ink to the ink through the mesh capabilities and network. In the mesh, like the opening premise, mesh thicker, more conducive to ink through.
    Weave structure: is woven wire mesh approach. In the weaving methods often divided: plain weave (PW revealed by performance) and twill (TW revealed by performance)
    Plain weave and weft diameter line is replaced by a pressure of an establishment, and its structure is 1: 1 mode.
Twill weave is replaced by the diameter and weft of 1: 2 or 2: 2 or 3: 3, and the like.
    Plain weave strengths: small contact with the substrate surface, through the ink and ink activity are good. High print quality, the number of ordinary mesh 350 mesh / inch.
    Twill general above 350 mesh / inch, the mesh pore size is small, mesh thickness, poor ink permeability, a large contact surface with the substrate, the ink impact activity, so in the same number, the print quality is better plain weave.
    Wire mesh is a traditional industrial products, and in many areas of scientific research, production and career, such as universal use. Followed by a high-speed scientific skills to carry out the current wire mesh usefulness and petroleum, chemical, automotive, paper, food, construction, aviation, aerospace and other property and high-tech areas.

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