Honde gabion structure advantages

Honde gabion structure advantages:

A flexible structure to adapt to changes in the slope without being destroyed, than a rigid structure with better security stability;

2, anti-erosion ability, able to withstand the maximum flow rate of up to 6m / s;

3, have essentially the permeability of the structure, the role and nature of groundwater filtering effect has a strong inclusive, suspended matter and silt in the water to move in to fill the crevice in precipitation, which is conducive to the growth of natural plants, gradually restore the original ecological environment.

Honde gabion net bag is crafted from a single layer mesh volume. Its mesh, mesh, galvanized and PVC coated cages same properties. This product can be of various shapes and sizes of stone into the alloy to form a flexible whole string bag, you can reach the designated place by lifting, automobile, shipping, alloy Wangdou interconnected into a larger whole, construction throwing when cast convenient, fast, efficient, good economic performance.

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