Honde shells Network Products

Tortoise Shell Mesh Material: carbon steel, stainless steel.
    Net production range shells pitch: 2cm-6cm, net thickness 1cm-2.5cm, thickness of 1mm-3mm.
    Shells Network Features: Hexagonal large mud claw shells network, significantly enhanced with the ability to anchor the liner material. Thereby effectively enhancing the lining material (temperature clay) link performance itself, can easily control the heat insulation layer from the skin and shedding phenomenon, improve fastness lining material.
    Shells Network Uses: Widely used for large-scale installations in petrochemical, steel mills have particularly high temperature boiler lining one of the main parts of the structure of the catalyst system in favor of major equipment, which can improve the wear resistance and strength lining, wear-resistant lining are used shells network reinforcement, general parts carbon steel (A3F) shells network, such as the reactor and a secondary cyclone, U-tube regenerator flue, etc., high temperature alloy parts (1Cr13) shells network, such as and a regenerator, two cyclone and other places.
    Honde wire mesh factory also based on customer requirements, build different specifications sheet fence products. Over the years the company pursues “quality of survival, reputation and development” business purpose, adhere to the “quality first, customer first, honesty first” development of consciousness, in the screen industry continue to create success in the new and old customers continue to make trust.

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