Honde wire mesh factory Main Products

Hebei Honde wire mesh factory Main products are: highway fence, rail fence, fence pieces, prison fence, highway fence customers we produce mostly for protection on both sides of the highway, rail fence with isolation protection sheet products used in the prison fence prison walls. Fence piece can become. highways, railways, prisons, construction, factories, courts, etc. are used too fence pieces.
    We use according to sheet fence into: highway fence, rail fence, airport fence, bridge fence, residential fence, plant fence, prison fence, plant fence, temporary fence, stadium fence net, fence pieces Continental fence, grassland fence, construction safety net, SNS Active Protection Network, SNS passive safety net, reinforced gabion, galvanized gabion, welded wire mesh, chain link fence Gabion, Plastic coated gabion, gabion cages, gabion pad, river gabion, chain link fence, welded wire mesh, welded wire mesh, steel mesh and other products.
    Fence-chip product by function widely used in many fields of petroleum, chemical industry, scientific research, construction, medicine, aviation, aerospace, highways, railways, machinery, electronics, textiles, metallurgy, mining, farming and so on.

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