Honde wire mesh factory piece knife gillnet varieties

Metal Mesh Factory title of razor wire of
1. Press called into: razor wire , razor wire, snake belly network , scraper -type barbed wire , barbed wire scraper type , accordion -like gill nets, accordion -like barbed wire.
Divided by shape : Spiral – razor wire , interspersed – razor wire , Flatbed – razor wire , Linear – razor wire .
Core material: high quality – galvanized carbon steel wire , galvanized carbon steel , stainless steel wire and so on .
Cutting board material : high quality of – galvanized steel, stainless steel .
 Technology: It uses steel ( blades ) Stamping package attached to galvanized steel ( wire ) above , the sharp corners of galvanized steel or stainless steel sheet made blades, made of high tensile steel wire combination .
 Model : BTO-22 is the most commonly used models
 Features : Razor blade type barbed wire mesh is also called , is a protective unfolded in recent years , the isolation can be a strong safety net of new product. Sharp knife stabbed by double buckle mounted after a bellows-like , both beautiful and creepy. Played a very good deterrent effect. The product also has a beautiful, discourage good result , construction and other strengths lunch .

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