Metal mesh to common terms

Mosquito mouth: wire loop, kink, empty out the net surface.

Top button: bad meridian joint, the net surface.

Suo weft: parallel local bending, mesh deformation.

And silk: two or more than two wire and woven together.

Jump jump wire (spindle) : bureau of warp or weft cloth weaving errors.

Loose thread: individual loose warp or weft displacement.

Sundry weave: foreign body weaving within the network.

A soft cloud weave: parallel uneven or soft hard cause unorganized cloud network diagram.

Bulge: regional drum surface.

Double: warp or weft overlap.

Big holes: net top wire hole size regularity.

Light file: individual mesh surface sudden too big or too small.

Loose edge: the network edge wave shaped bulging.

Is wire diameter: the diameter of the wire rod.

Meridian: all the longitudinal braided wire.

Latitude: all the transverse braided wire.

The number of mesh: 1 inch length Intranet hole.

The number of internal hole density: 1 cm lengthMesh: the distance between the two warp or weft.

Tolerance: heald boxer, the warp of shafts with tolerance line of the vertical distance (MM).

The male line: chest fruit (roller) before and after the attachment.

Tolerance: heald heddle place higher tolerance of meridian line at ordinary times.

Tolerance: below the tolerance under the line is called tolerance.

Zero tolerance: and tolerance line to call zero tolerance.

Heald Angle: heald frame after opening, the ensemble and the distance from the ensembleBoxer (variable Angle time) – all at ordinary times, reed weft from long distance.

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