High quality soft galvanized iron wire


High quality soft galvanized iron wire

Garden wire
Garden wire has a wide range such as galvanized, stainless, brass, plastic coated, twist ties and plant rings etc. they are widely used in homes and gardens.


We have clean production and processing plant


Professional customer service team, not only does not hinder your shopping, and patiently answer questions that you are experiencing.


Advanced production machinery to ensure production efficiency, saving labor costs and make the production process more easily and efficiently!


High-quality wire mesh products, and affordable products, let us win a broad market. Exported to the United States, Germany, Russia, Australia, Brazil and other places.



If you like our products or would like to contact us, welcome to call: 86-311-8526500, email: sandy@hbhonde.com, or contact our online customer service.we are ready to serve you at your side.





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