Selection Considerations of wire mesh

Many types of wire mesh , and sometimes I do not know what to choose when you note that the following honde wire mesh factory in Hebei told you select screen elements necessary to think of :
    1. To reach the goal of screen printing , screen resolution, the choice is not a single factor , required a comprehensive thinking decision.
    2 , ink thickness ratio desire to conceal the ink and thick hide rate is good , you should choose a thick mesh , holes big net.
    3. To select wire mesh texture material based on the appearance of the situation : disagrees rugged exterior surface or use a nylon mesh and elastic , receive strong appearance shall elect ink large screen ; lubricating looks suitably high tension wire mesh ; rough appearance with low mesh screen ; insulation to use in addition to static screen looks like.
    4 , ink functional requirements: select the appropriate function based ink ink wire mesh.

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