Stadium Fence Introduction

 Stadium fence is a fence of the site, also known as sports fence, stadium fence,, is specially designed products for the stadium.
    Sports fence is my factory after years of research and development from a new combination of fence, made of high quality low carbon steel wire weaving and welding, all steel, mesh, connectors, rain hat, adopted plating, hot dip, spray plastic, dip and other anti-corrosion treatment, there is no tradition of fence wrap plastic, steel painting embarrassing situation, so that the product of zero corrosion, service life of more than 15 years. Products with anti-corrosion, anti-aging, sunscreen, weather, bright colors, flat surface, strong tension, less deformation by external impact, site construction and installation, flexibility, and strong anti-climbing ability, and high net body, the product optional colors are blue, green, yellow, white, etc., can be installed around the post in the field of construction, fence, the biggest feature is the flexibility of the product, and can be adjusted at any time in accordance with the requirements of the mesh structure, shape and size.
    I plant the stadium fence is widely used in badminton courts, volleyball venue within four meters of height and basketball courts, door court, golf courses, school playgrounds, including Hengshui College, Hengshui High School, Hengshui II are applied playground I plant Sports fence.
    I plant the stadium fence is not only good quality, low price, but also in the installation, building also excellence, we have sought to install stadium sturdy fence, no protruding parts, door handles, latches should cover up to avoid people to play dangerous, access doors designed to be large enough to maintain the equipment into the stadium. Access door into the proper position, so as not to affect the play. Generally door width 2 meters, 2 meters wide and one meter high and 2 meters high.

    Honde metal mesh plant to good quality, to meet the requirements of each user.

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