Teach you how to maintenance, wrought iron fence

 Wrought iron guardrailprocessing manufacturing and installation service, in the process of manufacturing, wrought iron fence, for considering the characteristics of wild, everybody in the selection of materials and coatings on achieving the rust prevention, wear-resisting, corrosion resistance, resistance to insolate, etc., but to broaden the service life of wrought iron fence:
    First of all, should time dust because of the large field dust, follow the increase of time, wrought iron fence will fall on a layer of dust, which can affect the colour and lustre of wrought iron railing, then the wrought iron fence protective film of the damaged.So in order to extend the service life of jinan, wrought iron guardrail, scrubbing regularly field, wrought iron fence, usually with soft cotton swab for the better.
Second, pay attention to moistureproof, wrought iron fence with long time, if it is no good maintenance, may make it rust.And water is necessary for rust, so pay attention to moistureproof.If it’s just the usual outdoor air humidity, the use of the water drops on dry cotton swab, wrought iron;In a rainy day, should be timely after the rain stopped the drip dry.If it rains, shall be immediately after the rain in the remaining dry, wrought iron fence on the rain.We have been in the production of high quality wire mesh, galvanized anchor block, there are some garden equipment accessories.    

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