Thanksgiving screen employees, responsibilities

wire mesh factory Message:
       Some say that Thanksgiving is the shoes, put it, we can have the legs on the road of life; and the life which is more like Thanksgiving because Thanksgiving blossoming flowers bloom, let our life more colorful.
Staff training positive and optimistic attitude towards life, training staff to understand piety, etiquette, so grateful parents, Thanksgiving enterprises. Hebei honde Plastics Co., Ltd will learn as a benefit cut-off day guest researcher of traditional Chinese culture to all employees of the company Pei Haoran teaching.
Courses vivid, more than 400 employees in 12 groups of viewers, the highest scoring team in the final choice. From the willing, loyalty, gratitude, filial responsibility in five areas, the class introduces the life, work, work, life should have the basic literacy.
The whole hall was packed, staff learning unprecedented enthusiasm. Break halfway, many older workers chasing workshop Wang said: “The teacher talked about the good, simple and profound, humorous straightforward, especially for future work, life, education is very popular kids” in order to meet everyone’s enthusiasm for learning, the use of teacher time to rest, at noon, we organize reading “approach “, Wang also live interpretation superior wisdom of traditional Chinese culture is profound and ancient sage.

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