The 117th Canton fair time display arrangement.

Professional wire mesh factory provides you with the spring of 2015 the 117th Canton fair exhibition arrangement.

On April 15, 2015-19: the first phase of the 117th Canton fair exhibition date (the first phase of the Canton fair 2015 time)

Exhibition range: large machinery and equipment, small machinery, bicycles, motorcycles, auto parts, chemical products, hardware, tools, vehicles (outdoor), engineering machinery (outdoor), household appliances, consumer electronics, electrical and electronic products, computer and communication products, lighting products, building and decoration materials, sanitary equipment, imported exhibition area.

On April 23, 2015-27: the 117th Canton fair date of the second phase of the exhibition, the second phase of the Canton fair 2015 time

Exhibition range: kitchen appliances, daily-use ceramics, art ceramic, home decoration, glass crafts, furniture, weaving and rattan iron crafts, garden products, stone products (outdoor), household items, personal care appliances, bathroom appliances, clocks and watches, glasses, toys, gifts and premium, native products, festive supplies.

On May 1, 2015-5: the 117th Canton fair phase 3 display date (3) Canton fair 2015 time)

Exhibition range: men’s, children’s wear, underwear, sportswear, casual wear, QiuGe feather and products, clothes, decorations and accessories, home textiles, textile materials, carpets and tapestries, food, medicine and health care products, medical equipment, consumables, dressings, sports and tourism leisure products, office stationery, shoes, bags.

We are specializing in the production of wire mesh factory, our booth is 11.2 F07, will begin in April 15, provide service for you.There are mainly wire mesh, fence products.Warm sandy stalls for your coming!

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