The application of metal mesh

  Many types of wire mesh , divided into categories : stainless steel mesh , steel net, I-Net, copper mesh, hexagonal wire mesh, welded wire mesh, window screening , square hole net, shade net, conveyor belt, blocking, crimped wire mesh , chain link fence , sieve mesh, nickel mesh, rope , mine screen, polyester mesh , plastic flat mesh, steel wire mesh, sintered felt , wire meshes , paper network , printing mesh, barbed wire , drug screen, nylon mesh, welded wire mesh , black silk, audio network, gabion , chemical etching mesh, razor barbed wire , battery private network , headphones private networks, industrial fabric, metal filter , vibration sieve , liquid filters , air conditioning, private network, construction safety net , the US grid , network culture and so on.

    Hebei honde plastic sheet metal factory fence divided according to purpose : highway fence, rail fence , airport fence, bridge fence , residential fence, plant fence, prison fence, plant fence, temporary fence net , the stadium fence, fence pieces Continental fence, grassland fence, building safety net ,, reinforced gabion , galvanized gabion , welded wire mesh , chain link fence wire mesh , plastic coated gabion cage gabion , gabion pad, river gabion , chain link fence, welded wire mesh, welded wire mesh, steel mesh and other products. Fence sheet products according to the function widely used in petroleum , chemical industry, scientific research , building , medicine, aviation , aerospace , highways, railways , machinery, electronics, textiles, metallurgy , mining, farming and many other fields.

    Our company also based on customer requirements, build different specifications sheet fence products. Over the years the company pursues ” quality of survival , reputation and development” business purpose, adhere to the ” quality first, customer first, honesty first” development of consciousness , in the screen industry continue to create success in the new and old customers continue to make trust.

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