The introduction of hexagonal mesh

Name : hexagonal mesh

Also known as pinch spent network , security Wimbledon , soft side net .

Material: low carbon steel wire , stainless steel wire , PVC wire, copper wire

Weaving: Straight twist, reverse twist , double twist , the first series after plating, after plating the first series , hot galvanized , electro-galvanized , PVC plastic and so on.
Hexagonal wire mesh metal wire is woven angular Network ( Hexagonal ) made of metal wire diameter is used varies according to the size of the hexagon . If the metal wire is hexagonal zinc coating metal , the diameter of 0.3mm to 2.0mm using a metal wire , if it is PVC coated hexagonal woven wire , the outside diameter of 0.8mm to 2.6mm of PVC ( metal ) wire . Twist woven hexagonal wire frame edge can be made unilaterally, bilaterally , can be active edge wire .

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